Choosing a Pram for the Second Child

Babyhood Doppio Stroller

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And just like that 15 months had flown by since the birth of my first baby and I was pregnant with my second. I began thinking of how organised we already were and how wouldn’t need to buy anything else… right? (Uh, so wrong!)

I was one of those people who ignored the pushy sales assistants at the baby stores and steered in the opposite direction of the ‘practical and affordable’ prams. I decided I didn’t need a pram that accommodated for two, my first baby would be well and truly walking by the time the second comes along. Although I have never regretted my decision in purchasing the Emmaljunga Nitro City for my first (don’t get me started.. so much love for this baby!), I was yet to actually spend a day out with my nearly 2 year old. Not only does she not walk more than a kilometre unless there’s a room full of puppies in her sight, but one blink and she’s gone. I also realised jealousy may kick in and the tantrums I could face when she realised she wasn’t allowed in the pram and her brother/sister was. I realised that I needed this pram for her safety and my sanity!

So maybe you’re like me and are faced with the decision of buying a second pram, or maybe you are a think-ahead mum who is choosing their first pram wanting it to provide for two. Where do we start?? Phew, I thought the first time around pram shopping was hard!

I asked myself- What did I need in a pram to suit a toddler who would be nearing 2 and a newborn? These are the main key features that I came up with which would help determine my decision.

Flexible seating - I would still expect my 2 year old to walk a majority of the time so we wouldn’t need both seats for short outings. Sometimes she may need to be in it to rest and sometimes to be strapped in but still be able to see the world. So, for me, it needed to have flexible seating options.

Compact and light – It is essential that it fits easily into the car and I am able to lift it in and out with too much struggle or effort!

Aesthetic – Like most us, it is also important to me that it looks good (Superficial, I know!)

Convenience - Most importantly, I needed convenience! I needed a  pram which would make my life easier while still trying to control my toddler. I needed a pram which could fit through walkways and be easy to manoeuvre.

So I decided what I wanted in a pram, now it was time to find the right one which satisfied all my specifications! The search was on!

First stop – google, of course!
This will be easy (I thought), I’ll ask my question and get a definitive answer.  ‘What is the best pram for a toddler and baby?’ Yep you guessed it, millions of answers and contradictions which got me nowhere.

Second stop – other mum’s opinions.
Well these ranged from ‘Why would you even be looking at anything else but a bugaboo?’ or ‘I would never spend my money on an expensive pram like a Bugaboo, I loved my Baby Jogger city select!’ to ‘Get a side-by-side, my toddler hated being down the bottom’ or ‘Definitely do not get a side by side you won’t fit anywhere!’ Thanks mums, but again same as google so many answers and differing opinions, not much help!

Third stop – Baby store.
It was time to test them out for myself. Here’s a list of the prams I looked at.

Bugaboo - I went straight to the Bugaboo section. Although this pram was easy to push, converted to a smaller single pram, and looked fantastic, I knew I would have trouble fitting through certain places and the price was way out of our budget. Purchasing the complete set will set you back around 2k!

Baby Jogger City Select - Along comes the sales assistant, moving me straight on from the bugaboo to the Baby jogger city select. I must have been wearing daggy clothes that day because he obviously felt he was wasting his time on the Bugaboo! I politely stood there for 10 minutes listening to him ramble on about how good the Baby jogger city select was. Apparently a store favourite. But straight away I knew it wasn’t for me. I felt it was way too bulky (it felt like I was pushing a train!), I couldn’t see in front of me and to be honest I didn’t like the look of it either. However, the price was more in our range, being around the 1k mark.

ICandy Peach and Joolz Geo – Both impressive! Easy to fold up and put together, light and looked great. One problem with both was that they were definitely out of our price range (around $1700-$1900 for the complete package). Another factor that put me off was that with the Geo the bottom seat is much smaller, so seating options aren’t so flexible.

I left feeling completely deflated. My partner didn’t want to spend the money on the Bugaboo or ICandy, and I didn’t want to trade my beloved Emmaljunga for something I didn’t love. I had just about decided to stop looking and accept not having a tandem pram.

But then came the Brisbane baby expo! As soon as I walked in, there it was, the Babyhood Doppio in-line stroller. One word, sexy. Yes! A sexy pram! Then I tested it out. Not only was it sexy, this pram ticked ALL my boxes. It was practical, convenient, flexible, light and compact and right in my price range (RRP around 1k)! It features a seat that converts from a bassinet to a toddler seat (suitable from newborn up to 18kg) so no need to purchase an extra carrycot or seat. It is also has a reversible seat design, to face either forward or rear. This means super flexible seating conditions, up to 16 different modes. Another bonus, it has a pocket in the front for extra storage, perfect for those trips with 2 children. I found my pram! I also purchased a Nuna Pipa capsule which is compatible for this pram. Now I need my baby to arrive so I can take full advantage of this beauty!


Babyhood Doppio - Price of a city select, quality of the ICandy and looks of a Joolz.

 Babyhood Doppio Stroller

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