Minimalism in Interior Styling: Why we believe that LESS really is MORE…

There is no place like home. That’s the mantra we are always told right!? But do you find yourself walking through the door and feeling instantly stressed out? Tripping over toys, seeing piles of unfolded washing, the bench stacked with a million things you intended to ‘go through later’? I don’t know about you, but this pretty much sums up my home 95% of the time. Did you know that studies have shown that your home can have a drastic impact and effect on your mood? Have a look around… Is your home too cluttered? How much natural light comes through? Is your home too bright maybe? Too small?

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We all know that feeling we get after a big declutter, a fresh move, a Spring clean. We scratch our heads wondering how we managed to accumulate so much ‘stuff’. We vow we are not going to let it get to that point again and yet we continue to gather and collect more. More stuff we probably do not really need. We have a few big days at work and the washing pile has grown to Mt Everest again and the dirty dishes are taking over the kitchen. Next minute we find ourselves arguing with our wife, husband, partner, kids…. Our home has no longer become our sanctuary, our peaceful refuge from the hustle and business from a stressful day at work.

We feel stressed and anxious.

We are going to discuss the benefits for a minimalist approach to your interior and how we can achieve it! A minimalist home, in a nutshell, is a home which encompasses style and design that is stripped back, exposing the core elements of your home and its essential purpose. It is practicality and simplicity in its highest aesthetic form. So many people undervalue the essence and benefits of empty space in their home. A blank wall, an empty corner and bare benches are important spaces for the eyes and mind to rest. It also allows for greater appreciation for the key elements and pieces in your home, the things you love most. 

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Let’s discuss our tips to achieving a Minimalist style in your home.


Before we can do anything we need to declutter and eliminate anything that we don’t need, love or use. This is probably the hardest part of the process. Parting ways with our ‘stuff’ can be hard (and time consuming!). Set aside an evening or a weekend and fill up a few bags to donate and take it away immediately! We all know that feeling when we put a donation bag in our boot only to drive around with it for the next 8 months! We need to get rid of this stuff asap!


Ok, we bet you are feeling calmer already! Next we need to look at how we can simplify our homes. Here we want to strip our homes right back to its essential purpose. We need to put our hearts aside for a moment and focus on practicality. Most of us cannot afford to start over completely, even if we now do regret some of our past furniture choices. Look at the layout of your home, the placement of furniture. Can you create some empty space in each room? Perhaps some furniture needs to go? Clashing colours? We don’t want our eyes to feel busy when we look around our home. Do what can you to minimise that space. We are stripping our homes back to the core. Put all decorative pieces aside for a moment and focus on a enhancing the function of our home. What is and isn’t necessary?


Ok now that we have stripped back our homes, it may be feeling a little empty or sterile. It probably feels bigger but we still need to keep that element of a home that makes it ours. Now this part can be tough! When styling your now minimalistic home, we need to keep practicality in mind. What do we love most? Only style with the things you love most. Consider the colours and textures you are adding into the space, keep it simple, keep it clean. Storage is a huge component in creating a minimalist space. Choose storage that is visually appealing and can hideaway the clutter that we cannot live without. And remember to be generous with the empty space you leave in your home. We can get so caught up in ‘styling’ every element and space of our homes that we can forget that sometimes less really is more and that the best styling can sometimes be no styling at all.

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(photographed by Krister Engström for Stadshem)

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