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Meg Caris Interiors

Last week we were able to catch up with one of our favourite Insta style queens, Meg Caris from @megcaris.interiors. Meg is a product stylist from Perth and has over 50 thousand followers (and that number just keeps increasing!). It is no wonder Meg has built up such a large following with so many loyal fans. With her signature sexy scandi style, she incorporates just the right amount of colour, leaving us lusting over every beautifully styled image she posts. 

Meg, we adore your Insta account, tell us about why you started and how you have evolved as Meg Caris Interiors? 

 My love for interiors & product styling began in January 2016 when we moved into our new home. I discovered the beautiful world of interiors through Instagram and I had the opportunity to turn our house into a home and to style it the way I wanted.

 @megcaris.interiors was born from my desire to share my passion for all things interiors and styling. It is the creative outlet for myself to share and collaborate and it is here that I store all of my inspiration.

 You have such flawless style- where do you draw your inspiration?

 Definitely Instagram. I am inspired everyday with all the beautiful accounts I follow. I also like Pinterest but I feel Instagram is "more real", and personally I prefer the real slice of life and action into interiors that Instagram gives. Magazines, home design blogs and interior stylists on Instagram are other top sources of inspiration.

You have over 50 thousand followers, what are your tips to being so successful on Insta?

 My biggest tip would be to engage with your followers and other accounts that are on the same path as you. This helps you create more personal relationships with your followers and a stronger group of supporters.

What do you think the hottest interior trends will be coming into Winter this year? 

For me, I think different shades of grey, sheep skin throws, muted colours and texture.

You always have such beautiful photos, Tell us about the process involved in getting the perfect shot?!

 LIGHTING…Lighting is key! I generally only take my photos in the morning anywhere between 9am-12pm. Natural light is the most important thing when taking photos.

What is your favourite room in your house?

 Our bedroom, I like to think of it as a haven

How would you update or freshen up a room without blowing the bank?

Rearrange your furniture and introduce new colours with prints, flowers and cushions.

We are so inspired by Meg and her beautiful Instagram account and we were so excited to be able to ask her a few questions last week. @megcaris.interiors is a must follow Instagram account for interior enthusiasts!

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  • D'Arne

    Loved reading a little more about Meg. Have been following her account for about a year now and always look forward to her new posts!

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